Chunda Palace, Udaipur

Chunda Palace, Udaipur


Feel the full strength of the Rajasthani culture and heritage as you enter the doors of Chunda Palace. Traditional architecture, exquisite artwork and outstandingly sophisticated rooms await you. The design of this luxury boutique hotel in Udaipur incorporates the elements of an authentic Palace, where guests can stroll around and discover sensual delights.

Chunda Palace belongs to one of the noble house from the Mewar kingdom. The splendid idea of this beautiful palace was conceived by Th. Ghanshyam Singhji of Thana, he hoped the project would revive the age-old art of construction conserving the traditional patterns and designs. It took 16 years to create this beautiful palatial architecture and the royalty which fascinates all the guests today.

Our luxurious establishment offers a collection of suits and palace rooms. In a true display of Rajasthani handicraft, each room is unique and decorated in its own deliciously enchanting style.

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